Terms of Use and Privacy Policy



Yummy Wallet Terms of Use and privacy policy, read carefully before using the provided services.

The current terms of Use – as they are modified from time to time – are valid for all our services, which are provided, directly or indirectly, online, through the use of the websites www.yummywallet.gr or www.yummywallet.com (the website), through the use of any device and the corresponding mobile application for Android or Ios “YummyWallet” (App or Apps), through e-mail or phone.

These terms pertain the function of YUMMY OFF CAMPUS AFFILIATION PROGRAM, named YOCAP,  which was created by the company Yummy Software and Services, Theofilos Milonas with vat 044354739, PRO E Thessaloniki, and is situated at the municipality of Peuka, Zoodochou Pigis 17 str, postal cold 57010, contact number 2316009103, and email info@yummywallet.com , which from now on will be refered to as “Yummy”.

YOCAP is a money collection program which are provided through cashbacks which the members can collect according to the terms of the program.

Accepting the Terms

By registering and/or using the website and/or the App with any way, even by visiting or navigating through the website, you certify that you have read, understood and agree fully with the terms and conditions that are contained in the current (“Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”).

These pages, the layout and content of those pages, as well as the cashback service that is provided in those pages and through the website www.yummywallet.gr or www.yummywallet.com (“the website”) and/or the corresponding mobile applications for android and ios(mobile apps) “YummyWallet” ( “App or Apps”), are owned, function and provided by the company Yummy Software and Services with VAT 044354739, PRO E Thessaloniki (“Company”, “Yummy”, “Yummywallet”, “us”, “we”, “our” or “ours”), and are provided only for your personal, non-commercial use, according with the terms and conditions that are defined below.



  •     The Company Yummy  Software and Services: The company with the name “Yummy Software and Services” Theofilos Milonas with VAT 044354739, PRO E Thessaloniki, situated at the municipality of Peuka at Zoodochou pigi 17 Str ,Greece, postal code 57010, contact number +302316009103 and email info@yummywallet.com , which will be referred to as “Yummy”.
  •     Member-Consumer – User of the program: Has completed the 18th year of age, is a physical person, has accepted the terms of use of the program and has full legal ability. If the person is under 18 years old, the person must have first received the appropriate consent from its legal guardians and will provide its data if we ask it for them. From here on it will be referred to as “member” or “consumer” or “user of the program” or “member-consumer” or “user”.
  •    Yummy account of available money: The points that are collected are named “money”. Each point corresponds to one euro. The account that holds the money that the user has for encashment is called account of available money.
  •    Website: The website that is situated at the domains: www.yummywallet.com , www.yummywallet.gr , yummywallet.com , yummywallet.gr, en.yummywallet.com, el.yummywallet.com , sr.yummywallet.com.
  •   Moblie app: the corresponding mobile application Yummy Wallet.
  •   Offer: The offering of products and/or services that is available, in the website and/or the mobile app, by the Company and is governed by more specific rules.

The Yummy Service (referred from now on as “The Service” or Service)

The Yummy Software and Services company has contracts with stores, which offer a return of money as a percent of the transaction when the member has made a transaction in these stores. The percent of money that is being return for each store can be viewed in the website or the Apps. The return is computed in the clean value (without adding the tax) of the transaction.

Member Registration

Registration for members is completely free of cost.

The member that will be registered to The Service agrees to:

  1. Provide true, accurate, valid and full information about the data that are required from the Website or the Apps, on the relevant requests for access to the contents and services and
  2. Maintains and updates the registration data so that they remain true, accurate, valid, updated and full.

The company retains the right to accept or to reject a user request at its discretion, without having the obligation to inform the user about it.

During registration a new personal account is constructed for every member, and from this point on the member is an active user of the system. The member is personally responsible for the safekeeping of the secret personal password and for access to its account only from the member itself and not from a third-party person. The Company has no responsibility for movements that have been made by another person and not from the member itself.

The Member is required to inform the Company for any change in its personal data that it has registered (contact number, email etc.) through the website or the Apps. Otherwise the Company is not responsible for the loss of contact with the member.

The Member maintains the identity of a member throughout the duration of the Service’s function, with the condition of the correct use of the service and keeping the terms of use. In case of breaking the terms of use the company has the right to delete the member without the responsibility to inform it.


For the amount of money to be directed to the user account, the user must inform the store owner or assistant that the user is a member of Yummy Wallet and know his yummy number or phone number and provide this information to the shop owner or assistant.

Deleting a member

Users have the right to be deleted from the Service. In case of deletion from the Service, the money that the user has collected from the use of the program and have not been redeemed, will be deleted from the Program.

The Company reserves the right to keep the personal data of each member at its archive, as well as each member’s transactions for at least 5 years after the member has been deleted.

Redemption of funds by applying for credit transfer of the Member's bank account

The available for redemption money can be redeemed at any point after the user has collected 5 euros. For this to happen the user must apply for credit transfer at his bank account that the user has registered in the App. All the transactions made are governed by the security rules described below. For the money to be transferred the user must have at least 5 euros available in his Yummy account and the registered bank account must be valid and the IBAN must be registered in the app. The company has no responsibility in case the user registered another person’s bank account.

The amount of 5 euros for the user to be able to redeem his money is under the company’s discretion to change at any given point. The company has no responsibility to inform the users of this change.

The credit transfer to the user’s account is completed from the Company in 3-5 working days time. The Company does not charge the users for the request of credit transfer. There is a possibility that certain bank costs will be charged that the Company has no way of knowing and these are charged from the user’s bank to to user. The company has no way to control the time that is needed from the bank for the completion of the transfer and therefore has no responsibility for the delay that may be applied due to the user’s bank.

After the Company accepts and completes the request, the User will receive a push notification on his mobile device, informing him of the completion of the request.

Capability of cancelation or reversion

The user has no capability to cancel or reverse the request for credit transfer to his bank account.

Informing the Member of his available money

The member is informed for his available money after logging in using his personal password either in the Website or the mobile App.

Data Security

The Company is bound to secure the users’ collected data through the website or the Apps. The company has adopted processes that secure personal data that the users provided us through the website or the Apps. These processes protect the users’ data from any non-secure access, loss or unauthorized use, change or deletion. These processes also help to validate that the data are valid and are used correctly.

Users agree to inform the company instantly for any unauthorized use of their account and any security breach. Also, members are responsible exclusively for the careful use of their account and the logout from their account at the end of each session.


The company does not check and therefor does not have any responsibility considering the availability, the content, the security policy of personal data, the quality and quantity of the services of other websites and pages controlled by any third party (physical or legal), which the user has to visit through the hyperlinks or advertising on the yummy wallet website.

The company does not have any responsibility for the content provided from any contracted store which is showed in the website or the apps and is showed after the request of a customer. The user agrees and consents that the Company has no responsibility for this content, nor does this content represent the Company in any way. The Company has the right at any time, to change or stop any side function of the website.

The Company does not have any responsibility under no circumstances for any form of harm the user may come under, through the use of pages, services, choices and the content through the Website or the Apps, the use and visit of which the user does on his own accord, taking into consideration the size of the web. In case that a problem occurs during the user’s visit or use of the website or the Apps, the visitors are required to contact the according support. The company expressly states that in no case does it approve nor does it represent the content of the services of these websites or pages nor is the company connected with those in any other way.

Collection and use of data and information

The member with his/her participation, expressly consents to the storing of his/her personal data, photos, video, text, and their editing according to Greek Law N. 2472/1997 as it is, from the Company and/or third party companies that are collaborating with us for the functionality of the Service, exclusively for the Service’s purpose, and for the publication of this content in the Website or the Apps, or to other Company’s websites or press, registrations of typed or electronic press, as well as to advertising with the purpose of informing the common view for the company’s activities and for advertising purposes in the time slot of up to 5 years from the date of their publication.

The user consents without reservation that he/her recognizes and accepts fully that:

  •       The registration and participation on the Service requires the construction of an archive with the user’s personal data, which will include the personal data and information that the user is making public during his registration or during his participation in the program. This archive will be kept by the Company Yummy Software and Services and in other third-party collaborating companies for support, promotion and functionality purposes.
  •       The Company is responsible for the commitment of its partners, according to Greek Law N. 2472/1997 as it is, for the protection and security of the users’ personal data and information saved while using the Service. The member at any time has the right to request the deletion of this information from the Service’s database. In this case the available for redemption money the user has collected are also lost in the process.

The Company protects the personal character of the personal data of the members and with no way and for any reason can make these available to any third-party physical or legal person unless otherwise stated on the terms of use or from the Law.

The Company may use certain information provided by the users for sending informative or advertising content regarding the capabilities that the Service provides. The Company may give the right to use and edit personal information to partners with the purpose of forwarding their products or services which will be relevant to the Service. Anyone can contact the Company Yummy Software and Services and exercise the right of information, access to his/her archive of personal data and edit or deletion of the above elements according to the Law of each country, governing the protection of private data. Additionally, any member that does not wish to be informed, a service that sends informative messages from the Service for the optimization of the users’ experience on the App or the website, can request so by writing an email to info@yummywallet.com.

Participation in the Service implies the unconditional acceptance of all the above terms and agrees with the privacy policy, as it is stated in article 2 case Ia of Greek Law N.2472/1997 for the protection of a person from the procession of data with personal character.

Money collected are redeemed exclusively and only according to the currently active Terms and conditions of Use. Any other use, publication, selling, exchange is explicitly prohibited with the exception of transferring points through the service “Split the cashback”.


The company and its employees, or other representatives, do not have any responsibility (civil or legal), under any circumstance for any type of harm
(positive, special or depository, which, but not limited to, alternatively and / or cumulatively consists of loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction etc.) may occur from or is related to the use, copy or presentation of this website or its contents or any other connected  website, with no regard if the Company was informed, knew or had to know of this possibility.

The Company bears no responsibility for the communication of the users with third party partners that are advertised in our website or our Apps and for any probable commercial transaction that may happen from their association.

The Company does not guarantee and therefor is not responsible, to pay the utmost effort to present valid information and data in all the pages of the website or the Apps, so that the content at its whole to be governed by the maximum possible validity, accuracy, clarity, time proximity, completion and availability. In no case does the company bear responsibility for any harm that may have been caused to the user during his use or visit of the Website or through the use of the Apps, from any cause and indicatively because of wrong or incomplete content or because of non – availability.

The content and information that are included in our Website or the Apps do not constitute in any case, directly or indirectly, suggestion for action or omission. The visitor or user judges the content of this information and acts independently and of his own will, without the company bearing any responsibility for his actions.

The company in no way does not guarantee, and therefor in not responsible, the continuous and without error provision of services and/or the website’s content and/or the Apps, the absence of malicious software and/or adware originating from any third-party, viruses or other harmful elements.


Unless otherwise stated, all content that is contained in our Website and apps belongs to the Company Yummy Software and Services.

Modification / Abolishment of program

The Company has the right to modify any of the terms of use, which are published in the Service’s Website.

Change of Policy

The Company Yummy Software and Services is constantly expanding, informing and optimizing its Website and its Apps, and will review and renew the current policy in regular intervals. The User is obliged to read this process at regular intervals for possible changes in the content of the current policy for the protection of private data and information. This policy may be modified without prior notice to the users.

Applicable Law and legal rights

Concerning the current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as any modification that may happen on these terms and Policy, the applicable Law is the Greek Law. For any difference that may occur from the current agreement, competent courts are set Thessaloniki city’s Courts.


For any question or clarification, about the Service, the users can contact info@yummywallet.com or contact us through the contact us page on our Website.